The Truth behind Common Penis Myths

Men worry a lot about the length and the size of their penis. Who can blame them if some people equate a bigger penis to better sexual performance and higher self-confidence? However, not all common beliefs are true; some are myths that need to be debunked. Here are some common penis myths and the results of years of study that have proven them false as published in the British Journal of Urology International.

Common penis myths

It is a common myth that the length of the penis is a big deal to most women. But more often than not, women find external grooming and personality more important areas for attraction compared to penile length. Another myth is that the penis length and girth is determined by race. This has been found to be untrue. The black penis as being the biggest compared to other races is unfounded. Also, the belief that older men tend to have smaller penises has also been found to be false when study results were analyzed.

Other myths that involve the male genitalia include the one about the male nose, hands, or feet as a sure indication of the size of the penis bigger these body parts are, the bigger the penis. However, scientific studies have found out that none of these were true. The study also revealed that commercial penis enlargers such as pills, mechanical devices, and penis extenders rarely live up to their claims but they do provide the user with a psychological “uplifting effect.”

The length and the width of the penis is not such as big issue for all women. Men should not worry too much about having a bigger penis since most of them have penises that fall within the regular size range.

Lavern T. Smith

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